DDI Engineering


DDI Engineering

We provide clear and concise technical writing services for your project. Highest quality and cost-effective solutions are delivered for your requirements. A wide range of project sizes can be accomodated whether it requires a single technical writer for a one-off project or an entire team of writers for a large-scale operation.
We work with small start-ups as well as large global companies. Many of our clients do not have a need for a full time technical writer in-house or want to free up their engineers and developers so that they can focus on their primary tasks, and since we specialize in technical writing services we can provide faster delivery.
We have the industry background and experience needed to help you meet your requirements, reduce risks, and can deliver a wide range of output formats.
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Technical Writing Services Specialties

• Prepare documentation according to your requirements including technical documentation, station manuals, operating and maintenance instructions, lubrication charts, work instructions, visual aids, PM schedules, troubleshooting and repair guides, machine ledgers and ECPL placards that are conforming to the quality operating system for new and retooled projects.

• Line up and integration of Tier II documentation.

• Apply the principles of knowledge-based systems/web based/interactive (.html) to current documentation practices to improve the quality and efficiency of documentation.

• Maintain documentation records, including video and photographs of equipment through build to runoff.

• Create training material / training videos.

• Experience in Powertrain, Automotive, and many other industries.