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DDI Engineering


Machinery, Tooling, & Equipment for Processing Energetic Materials

  • Safety First!
  • Design & Build Custom Energetic Processing Machinery, Tooling, and Equipment. We work with you to understand your process so that we can develop, engineer, design & build the custom machinery and equipment that satisfies your unique processing needs!
  • Installation, Start-up & De-bug
  • Process Control Systems - Design, Build, Install, Integrate, Start-up, De-bug - PLC, PC, HMI - Electrical, Hydraulics, Pneumatics - Instrumentation, Calibration
  • Dies, Cutters, Mixers, Pelletizers
  • Excellence in Customer Support Parts — Service — Repair — Refurbish
  • Experienced and Knowledgeable

Our Goals

  • Safety
  • Total Customer Satisfaction
  • Excel in Customer Support
  • Provide User-friendly, Practical Designs

One of the worlds smallest twin screws was designed by DDI Engineering. This design is capable of being used with energetic materials . Currently the Mini Twin Screw is used for pharmaceutical development and nano particle research. This is one of many machines designed and built by DDI Engineering and its partner companies that are capable of processing energetic materials.


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