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DDI Engineering

ddi pics5In 1987, Michigan based DDI Engineering started as an engineering company in a residential basement with a few office supplies. We offered our design services to many of the local machine builders in the Mid-Michigan area. In the early days the design work was done on the drafting board using pencils and erasers. A lot has changed since then – going from pencil to 2D Cad on the computer to sophisticated 3D Solids Modeling. We have made an ongoing effort through the years to remain current with the latest software, computer, and Internet tools available.

Early in the company history, due to customer requests, we also began contracting experienced engineers into our customers’ facilities. Soon we became both an engineering firm and a technical staffing firm. By offering both in-house engineering and technical staffing, we have been able to meet the two most important aspects of the challenging technical needs of our customers.

During our long history we gained engineering expertise on a broad range of industrial machinery. DDI Engineering is stronger and more experienced than ever. We have become a key team member for our customers. Our customer base has grown to include customers nationwide and through them our designs serve the needs of a global client base. DDI has the resources and experience to help our customers maintain schedules with effective designs to build machines that function properly and efficiently.

Today DDI is a family business, with the daughter and son of its founder working at DDI as an important part of our success.

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